- Hellooo!!
I am Mandeep. A UX Designer based in Gurugram, India

— Currently working at Yatra.com, Designing Human Experiences for Mobile and Web.

My Method

In general my method for UX Design and reaserch tends to take shape in the following four steps.

UX Design Process and it’s activities could change, depending in the nature of project.

1. Analyse
  • In the first step, we begin with analyzing the 3 Ws – What is the product, Why do we need the product and for What we’re solving for users.

    Activities — Observation, Analysis, Pain-Points.

2. Research
  • UX research focuses on understanding the user, it’s key factors like users behaviour, their needs, motivation which helps them in making any purchase/service led decision.

    Activities — Interviews, Personas, Card Sorts, Usability Tests, etc.

3. Planning
  • We begin with creating the product’s information architecture and then start organizing the content along with various components according to the created IA.

    Activities — Information Architecture, Brainstorming, Wireframing.

4. Design
  • The final step in the process is Design from finalising the style guide to creating final mockups. The outcomes from all the stages are put here to get the final output.

    Activities — Style Guide, Visual Design.

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